Janessa Leone is an eponymous label based out of Los Angeles. The Janessa Leone brand harkens back to a time when people saw their sartorial choices as a reflection of themselves. Each hat is made carefully by hand, a product of years of labor and skill fueled by a dedication to craftsmanship. Over time through wear, the hats mold intimately to the wearer, and become a reminder of a life well lived. Janessa Leone’s brand mission is to revive a time when people treasured clothing as something to be kept and passed down to future generations, a meaningful item that transcends its value as a mere commodity.

Janessa recalls growing up, venturing into her grandfather’s closet to try on clothes, pieces from his past, that told his entire life story: “There is an ever-present air that you embody when you put on a perennial piece of clothing; like you are a part of something bigger than you could ever imagine. That love for nostalgia, whether it is clothing, accessories, or furniture, has never escaped me. There is an undeniable poise that I possess when I wear my grandfather’s vintage hat or my grandmother’s jewelry; a poise that you can only possess by wearing something that was created with incomparable craftsmanship.”


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